G.U.N.T. Hamburg


Sheffield University equipped by G.U.N.T.

Swansea University laboratorys equipped by G.U.N.T.

G.U.N.T. Laboratory in Poland



MMTS Mechanical Maintenance Training Skid

MPTR Main Process Training Rig

Depth filtration CE579

Capacity Control and Faults in Refrigeration Systems ET422

Activated Sludge Process CE705

Biotechnical Production of Ethanol CE640

CE642 Biogas plant

Dissolved Air Flotation CE 587

Precipitation and Flocculation CE 586

SBR process CE704

CE 650 Biodiesel plant

Assemby of the wind power plant ET 220.01

Assembly of the spur wheel /worm gear mechanism MT 110

Video of the assembly of the piston compressor MT 140

Solar Thermal Energy and Heat Pump Modular System HL 320