Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations TM 150.02

Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations

Type: TM 150.02
Name: Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations
Technical Description

  The experimental set includes three different torsion bars and two different mass discs. An oil damper makes it possible to reduce the amplitude. The components are straightforwardly and accurately placed in slots of the frame on the vibration system TM 150 or TM 155.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- natural frequency of torsional vibration
- effect of torsional stiffness, rotating mass and damping



* Effect of rotating mass, torsional rigidity and

  damping factor on the behaviour of a rotary


Available accessories
TM 150 -- Universal Vibration System
TM 155 -- Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus
Alternative products
TM 140 -- Torsional Vibration System
TM 163 -- Torsional Vibration Apparatus

[1] supplementary experiment to the universal vibration system TM 150 and TM 155
[2] 3 torsion bars
[3] 2 weight discs
[4] adjustable ball-bearing chuck
[5] open oil-filled damper 

Technical Data

Torsion bars made of stainless steel

- diameter: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm

- length: 800mm
Weight discs

- small: D=150mm at approx. 2.7kg

- large: D=228mm at approx. 4.8kg
Chuck: D=0,5...8,0mm


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: approx. 250x250x1100mm (setup)
Weight: approx. 27kg

Scope of Delivery

3 bars

3 discs

3 bearing blocks

1 cone

1 clamping device

1 damper

1 recording device

1 set of tools

1 manual

Order Details

040.15002  TM 150.02  Free and Damped

                                     Torsional Vibrations