Winch TM 125


Type: TM 125
Name: Winch
Technical Description

TM 125 allows to study a winch concerning its lifting velocity and its load transmission. Additionally, the functioning of a back-run safety device is demonstrated. Load transmission and efficiency can be determined by force equilibrium. Both rope drums are ball-bearing mounted. The forces are generated by sets of weights and can be quickly and easily varied.

  The model is intended for wall mounting.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Determination of

  * transmission ratio

  * unwinding speed

  * angular speed 
  * efficiency
- Behaviour under load

* Demonstration of the principle of a wich Specification

[1] Study of a winch
[2] Drum and driving wheel made of aluminium,  gear wheels made of POM
[3] 2 sets of weights

[4] Safety catch prevents reversal of direction of rotation

[5] Anodised aluminium base plate


Technical Data

Drum diameters

- driving: 220mm

- driven: 110mm

Gear wheels

- small: 12 teeth

- large: 60 teeth
- module: 2mm each

Total transmission ratio: 10


Sets of weights

- drum: 1x50N, 2x20N, 1x10N

- driving wheel: 1x5N, 4x2N, 1x1N, 1x0,5N, 1x0,5N

  (guide rod)

Dimensions and Weight l x w x h: 265 x 200 x 250 mm
Weight: ca. 22 kg Scope of Delivery

1 winch, complete, mounted on base plate

2 sets of weights

1 manual

Order Details 040.12500  TM 125  Winch