Sanitation Fittings Training Panel ST 210

Sanitation Fittings Training Panel

Type: ST 210
Name: Sanitation Fittings Training Panel
Technical Description

  Sanitation fittings can be connected and investigated in respect of their function and operation on this trainer. The trainer provides several methods of connection so additional products from different manufacturers can be used. Some connectors are flexible and will adapt to different sized fittings.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Familiarisation with sanitation fittings
  * two handle mixers
  * flushing valves
- Investigation of function and operating behaviour

together with additional sanitation fittings

- Comparison of products from different
  manufacturers, e.g.

  * single handle mixers
  * pillar mixers


* Trainer with the most common forms of sanitary


Alternative products
ST 310 -- Drinking Water Installation Demonstrator

[1] Investigating the most common sanitation fittings
[2] Facilities for hot and cold water supply using quick-release couplings
[3] Possibility to test different fittings simultaneously 
[4] Flushing valve

[5] Two handle mixer for a shower

[6] Two handle mixer as water tap

[7] 3 dial thermometers
[8] 2 Bourdon tube manometers
[9] 2 rotameters
[10] 2 adjustable pressure reducing valves

Technical Data

Flushing valve

- DN 20

- 1,2...5bar


Pressure reducing valve

- max. initial pressure: 25bar

- outlet pressure: 1,5...6bar, up to 70°C

Measuring ranges
- temperature: 0...100°C
- pressure: 0...6bar
- flow rate: 160...1600L/h


Dimensions and Weight l x w x h: 1350x700x1850mm
Weight: approx. 106kg Required for Operation Cold water connection: 1,5bar
Hot water connection: 1,5bar Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 manual

Order Details

066.21000  ST 210  Sanitation Fittings Training