Dial Gauge Set SE 110.30

Dial Gauge Set

Type: SE 110.30
Name: Dial Gauge Set
Technical Description

  This set of mechanical position measurement gauges enables mechanical travel to be measured in countless experimental setups. Deflection or displacement can be measured using the gauges, as can distances and much more. The gauges can be used for just about every experiment on the SE 112 universal test frame. With the aid of rapid action fasteners, the gauges can be fitted quickly and securely. The clamps also allow a large range of adjustment.


Learning Objectives / Experiments
Can be used for all experiment that require the precise measurement of deflection, displacement or other travel

* Position measurement gauges for measuring

  deformation and displacement in mechanical



[1] set with two mechanical position measurement gauges for measuring travel, deformation and displacement in mechanical experiments in the SE 112 universal testframe
[2] measuring range 0...25mm and 0...50mm
[3] graduation 0,01mm
[4] adjustment range of the fixing elements 0...100mm and 0...500mm


Technical Data

Position measurement gauge

- 0...25mm and 0...50mm
- graduation: 0,01mm
Adjustment range of the clamps

-  0..100mm and 0...500mm


Dimensions and Weight Weight: approx. 3kg Scope of Delivery 2 position measurement gauges, 2 clamps Order Details 022.11030  SE 110.30  Dial Gauge Set