Vibrations in Fans Kit PT 500.18

Vibrations in Fans Kit

Type: PT 500.18
Name: Vibrations in Fans Kit
Technical Description

  Vibration measurements on fans and blowers play a major role in field monitoring operations. In addition to the usual signals caused by bearings and imbalance, the vibrations induced by the fan blades can be measured. The vibrations are induced by inhomogeneous flow fields.

  The PT 500.18 accessory set induces the vibrations magnetically. Three fan rotors with differing numbers of blades can be investigated. A guard plate covers the rotating fans. An obliquely-mounted inertia disk is used to investigate the gyroscopic effect. Just as in actual practice, the fan model can also be driven directly via a flexible coupling or by the belt drive PT 500.14.
  The accessory set is mounted on the base plate of  the machinery diagnostic base system PT 500.
  To measure and evaluate the experiment, the computerised vibration analyser PT 500.04 is required. It includes all the necessary sensors, a measuring amplifier and analysis software to record the vibration phenomena.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- vibration measurement on fans
- measurement of blade pass frequency
- identification of the vibration induced by the blades

  from the vibration spectrum
- effect of dynamic imbalance on the fan

- understanding and interpreting frequency spectra
- use of a computerised vibration analyser

* Vibration measurements on fans1
* Simulation of blade-induced vibrations
Available accessories
PT 500 -- Machinery Diagnostic System, Base Unit
PT 500.04 -- Computerised Vibration Analyser
PT 500.14 -- Belt Drive Kit

[1] investigation of the vibrations of fans
[2] model of an axial fan with blades
[3] magnetic induction of blade forces
[4] obliquely-mounted inertia disk to investigate gyroscopic effects
[5] 3 fan rotors with different numbers of blades
[6] guard disk for fan rotors
[7] gap between magnet and blades adjustable
[8] can be used with belt drive PT 500.14
[9] accessory set for PT 500 machinery diagnosis training system
[10] stackable storage system to house the components

Technical Data

Sheet-steel fan rotor
- 3 blades
- 5 blades
- 7 blades
- diameter: 204mm
- max. speed: 3.000min-1
Protective disk, made of aluminium

- D=220mm


Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 400x300x320mm (storage system)
Weight: approx. 6kg Scope of Delivery 3 fan rotors
1 mass disk
1 holder
1 guard disk
1 storage system with foam inlay
1 manual Order Details 052.50018  PT 500.18  Vibrations in Fans Kit