Francis Turbine Trainer HM 430C

Francis Turbine Trainer

Type: HM 430C
Name: Francis Turbine Trainer

Constant Speeds –
The Basis for Grid Connection


Francis turbines are used with medium drop heights and medium flow rates. The areas where Francis turbines are employed are therefore extremely diverse:

Run-of-the-river power stations Storage power stations Pumped storage power stations

The Francis turbine's adjustable guide blades allow constant speeds to be maintained under different conditions. Maintaining constant speeds is necessary in order to be able to feed the electricity that is generated into the grid. The different conditions include different drop heights, for example.
HM 430C has a special brake unit which makes constant speeds possible. As such, the typical characteristics of the Francis turbine can easily be represented using the dependences of the following variables:

Position of the guide blades
Mechanical power

User-friendly software allows the process to be easily controlled and the relevant parameters to be monitored.