System for data acquisition HM 170.60

System for data acquisition

Type: HM 170.60
Name: System for data acquisition


The data acquisition system has been developed specifically to support the analysis of experiments with the wind tunnel HM 170. HM 170.60 consists of a measuring amplifier with differential pressure sensor and A/D converter, an angle sensor and software.

The system supports experiments such as measurement of lift and drag on drag bodies, or boundary layer analysis on a plate. Therefore, depending on the experiments, two pressure measuring points, an angle sensor respectively the electronic displacement measurement HM 170.61, the inclined tube manometer from HM 170 and the two-component force sensor from HM 170 or the three-component force sensor from HM 170.40 can be connected to the measuring amplifier.

Velocity, differential pressure, angle of attack or displacement and moment, lift and drag forces are transmitted via USB directly to a PC where they can be analysed using the software.

Technical details

  • system for data acquisition for HM 170
  • measuring amplifier with connections for angle sensor and electronic displacement measurement, differential pressure measurement, inclined tube manometer, two- or three-component force sensor
  • velocity, pressure, angle/displacement, lift/drag forces and moment evaluated on the PC
  • GUNT software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Technical data

    Measuring ranges
    • velocity: 0…28m/s
    • differential pressure: ±5mbar
    • angle: ±180°
    • travel: 0…10mm
    • lift: ±4N
    • drag: ±4N
    • moment: ±0,5Nm

    230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
    230V, 60Hz, 1 phase
    120V, 60Hz, 1 phase
    UL/CSA optional

    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 360x330x160mm (measuring amplifier)
    Weight: approx. 8kg

    Required for operation

    PC with Windows