Differential Pressure Manometer HM 170.53

Differential Pressure Manometer

Type: HM 170.53
Name: Differential Pressure Manometer

HM 170.53 is an accessory for the wind tunnel HM 170. The scope of delivery includes the manometer together with a set of hoses and a storage system.

The differential pressure manometer HM 170.53 is recommended for the following experimental units:
boundary layer analysis with Pitot tube HM 170.24, model “Bernoulli” HM 170.25, Pitot tubes HM 170.31 and HM 170.32 and Pitotstatic tube HM 170.33.

Technical details
  • differential pressure manometer for experiments with HM 170
  • storage system to house the components
  • Technical data

    Measuring ranges
    • differential pressure: 0…5mbar
      • graduation: 0,1mbar
    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 220x180x80mm (storage system)
    Weight: approx. 2kg