16 Tube Manometers, 600mm HM 170.50

16 Tube Manometers, 600mm

Type: HM 170.50
Name: 16 Tube Manometers, 600mm

The HM 170.50 manometer is used to simultaneously display up to 16 measured differential pressures in millimetres water column. The manometer utilises the principle of communicating tubes. The zero point is adjusted using a vertically sliding compensation chamber as a function of the measuring task. The resolution can (with a simultaneous reduction of the measuring range) be increased by inclining the unit. The manometers are fixed to the frame of HM 170.

HM 170.50 is recommended as an accessory for experiments on pressure distribution on aerofoils HM 170.22, HM 170.26, HM 170.27, on pressure distribution on a cylinder HM 170.23 and for experiments on wake measurement HM 170.28.

Technical details
  • unit for differential pressure measurement/display of differential pressure characteristics
  • glass manometer tube, D=9x1mm
  • maximum measuring range +/- 30mbar
  • individual zero point adjustment possible
  • manometer inclination up to max. 1/10
  • Technical data

    Measuring ranges
    • differential pressure: max. 600mmWC
      • graduation: 1mmWC
    • inclination: 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, 1:10
    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 670x220x750mm
    Weight: approx. 22kg