Aerofoil, Spring-mounted HM 170.20

Aerofoil, Spring-mounted

Type: HM 170.20
Name: Aerofoil, Spring-mounted

The aerofoil is suspended flexibly with eight springs in an external frame to permit torsional and transverse vibration of the aerofoil. The frame is simply attached with screws in the measuring section of the wind tunnel. Attachment points on the frame prevent excessive deflection of the aerofoil during the execution of the experiment. The springs can be attached at various positions on the aerofoil and frame in order to set different torsion rigidity levels.

Technical details
  • aerofoil for examination of self-starting vibration
  • profile: symmetrical
  • Technical data

    Aerofoil NACA 0015

    • LxWxH 200x100x15mm
    • weight: 0,157kg
    • mass moment of inertia: 1,07*104kgm2

    Spring rigidity

    • single spring: 27N/m
    • total rigidity, transverse: 216N/m

    Torsional rigidity: 0,07…0,28Nm/rad

    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 300x145x120mm
    Weight: approx. 3kg