Lift Body Aerofoil Naca 441 HM 170.14

Lift Body Aerofoil Naca 441

Type: HM 170.14
Name: Lift Body Aerofoil Naca 441

The lift body aerofoil is investigated in the measuring section of the wind tunnel HM 170. The lift body consists of an aerofoil section made of plastic and mounting bracket made of corrosion-resistant steel. The aerofoil is painted red and is fitted with guide panels at the ends. These ensure that the flow is optimally aligned with the aerofoil. The lift body is placed in the force sensor, this indicates the drag force and the lift force as a measured value in flow around bodies.

Technical details
  • lift body for experiments on bodies immersed in a flow
  • aerofoil made of plastic, profile NACA 4415, LxWxH 100x100x15,5mm
  • bracket made of corrosion-resistant steel, d=4mm
  • aerofoil painted in RAL 3000
  • Technical data

    Profile: NACA 4415

    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 100x16x290mm
    Weight: approx. 0,2kg