Drag Body Aerofoil HM 170.09

Drag Body Aerofoil

Type: HM 170.09
Name: Drag Body Aerofoil


The functional chain of a wind turbine begins with the rotor. The aerodynamic properties of the rotor profile decide to a great extent how much wind energy will be transformed into mechanical work. In the course of time, many different rotor forms have been tested and used.


Therefore we developed a modular system which you can use to study the aerodynamic properties of different forms in a concrete manner.


With the HM 170.09, we provide you with an aerofoil drag model featuring a lifting force in the wind flow.


The aerofoil drag model is optimally adjusted to our HM 170 wind tunnel. It enables you to study the drag and lifting forces at different wind velocities and angles of attack.







FA lift force, FW drag, v wind speed, a angle of attack