Drag Body Sphere HM 170.01

Drag Body Sphere

Type: HM 170.01
Name: Drag Body Sphere

The spherical drag body is investigated in the measuring section of the wind tunnel HM 170. The drag body consists of a sphere and mounting rod made of corrosion-resistant steel. The sphere is painted red. The drag body is placed in the force sensor, this indicates the drag force as a measured value in flow around bodies.

Technical details
  • drag body for experiments on bodies immersed in a flow
  • sphere, d=80mm
  • bracket made of corrosion-resistant steel, d=4mm
  • sphere painted in RAL 3000
  • Technical data

    not available

    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 80x80x280mm
    Weight: approx. 0,3kg