Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch HL 962.04

Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch

Type: HL 962.04
Name: Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch
Technical Description

  Magnetic drive pumps are used primarily in process engineering to pump aggressive, toxic and flammable liquids. Leakage of such liquids could result in major problems. Its design means it is completely leak-tight, even at continuous operation and under difficult usage conditions.

 The viscosity of the delivered liquid is a key criterion in selecting a pump, as it determines the coupling torque to be transmitted. The torques transmitted by magnetic couplings are limited. As a result, magnetic drive pumps are not suitable for all operating conditions and media.

  The pump is a fully self-contained centrifugal pump with no shaft seal. It is fitted with a permanent-magnetic synchronous drive complete with clutch. Drive and water supply are provided by the assembly stand HL 962.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

in conjunction with HL 962, HL 962.30 and HL 962.32

- operation of a standard chemicals pump with magnetic clutch

- recording the pump characteristic

- leak testing

- alignment of pump and drive


* Hermetic centrifugal pump according to ISO 51991
* Accessory for installation in assembly stand HL 962
Alternative products
HL 962.01 -- Standard Chemicals Pump
HL 962.02 -- Canned Motor Pump
HL 962.03 -- Side Channel Pump
HL 962 Assembly and Maintenance Exercises: Pipes, Fittings, Pumps

[1] single-stage centrifugal pump with magnetic clutch as accessory for installation in HL 962

[2] drive and water supply provided by HL 962

[3] permanent-magnetic synchronous drive inside pump

[4] pump technical requirements according to ISO 5199

Technical Data

Pump (at nominal speed:  2900min-1)

- max. flow rate: 12m³/h
- max. head: 39m
- power consumption: 3,7kW
Connecting flange
- delivery side: DN32
- intake side: DN50


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 625x240x300mm

Weight: approx. 60kg


Scope of Delivery 1 pump, 1 instruction manual Order Details 065.96204  HL 962.04  Standard Chemicals Pump
                                      with Magnetic Clutch