Side Channel Pump HL 962.03

Side Channel Pump

Type: HL 962.03
Name: Side Channel Pump
Technical Description

  Side channel pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps, and are in widespread use. They can attain relatively high pressures at low flow rates. They are able to intake and deliver liquids containing gases. The pump can be started even when there is no head of liquid in the intake pipe. The side channel stage removes the air from the intake pipe and generates the necessary suction to intake the liquid.

  The pump used here is three-stage. Drive and water supply are provided by the assembly stand HL 962.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

in conjunction with HL 962, HL 962.30 and HL 962.32

- operation of a side channel pump

- recording the pump characteristic

- leak testing

- alignment of pump and drive


* Self-priming three-stage centrifugal pump1

* Accessory for installation in assembly stand HL 962

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HL 962 Assembly and Maintenance Exercises: Pipes, Fittings, Pumps

[1] three-stage self-priming pump for installation in HL 962

[2] drive and water supply provided by HL 962

[3] pump can intake and deliver air/water mixture

[4] relatively high head at low flow rate


Technical Data

Side channel pump

- 3 stages

- max. flow rate: 4,5m³/h

- max. head: 122m

- power consumption: 3kW

- nominal speed: 1450min-1

- max. speed: 1800min-1

Connecting flange

- delivery side: DN32

- intake side: DN50


- housing: grey cast iron

- shaft: stainless steel


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 470x220x240mm

Weight: approx. 30kg


Scope of Delivery 1 pump, 1 instruction manual Order Details 065.96203  HL 962.03  Side Channel Pump