Control Unit for Ventilation System HL 722

Control Unit for Ventilation System

Type: HL 722
Name: Control Unit for Ventilation System
Technical Description

  The trainer HL 722 is required if the ventilation system HL 720 is to be used for experiments with room temperature control.

  The trainer is connected between the ventilation system and an external source of hot water using quick-release couplings. With this arrangement it is possible to demonstrate room temperature control in ventilation systems.

  Only original parts were used for the trainer.


Learning Objectives / Experiments
- temperature control of the air flow in a ventilation system

* Temperature control for ventilation system HL 720


[1] temperature control of a ventilation system
[2] circulating pump
[3] 3-way mixing valve DN 20
[4] electronic controller with temperature sensor and setting of the reference variable
[5] 3 thermometers and 1 temperature sensor with display

[6] quick-release couplings for connection to hot water supply and ventilation system

Technical Data


- power consumption: 70W

- max. flow rate: 60L/min

- max. head: 4m

Measuring ranges

- temperature: 1x -50...600°C, 3x 0...120°C


Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 1000x650x1450mm
Weight: approx. 65kg Required for Operation

230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Hot water connection: 1bar and 2000L/h, drain

Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 manual

Order Details

065.72200  HL 722  Control Unit for Ventilation