Flat Plate Collector HL 320.03

Flat Plate Collector

Type: HL 320.03
Name: Flat Plate Collector
Technical Description

   HL 320.03 is one of the modules from the HL 320 modular system and allows you to convert solar energy into heat using a modern flat plate collector.
  HL 320.03 can be incorporated into the HL 320 modular system in a variety of different ways. The module can be used both for generating heated domestic water and for the combined production of domestic hot water and for heating rooms.
  Modules are connected rapidly and easily via hoses and quick-release couplings.
  Different combinations for renewable heat sources can be tested and optimised in conjunction with other modules from the HL 320 system.
 Carefully structured instructional materials have been created for the intended module combinations with the HL 320.03 module. As part of the documentation for the overall HL 320 system, these materials set out the basic principles and provide a step-by-step guide through the experiments.


Learning Objectives / Experiments
- layout and function of the flat collector
- determining the net power
- how temperature, illuminance and angle of
  incidence affect the collector efficiency
- integration of a flat collector in a modern
  heating system
- hydraulic and control engineering operating
- energy balances
- optimisation of operating conditions for
  different types of use

* Pivotable flat plate collector for converting solar
  energy into heat1
* Heat source with connections for the 
  HL 320 module system1
* Components for operational and system reliability 
  from real-world modern heating technology1
* Suitable for sunlight and artificial light

Available accessories
HL 313.01 -- Artificial Light Source
HL 320.01 -- Heat Pump
HL 320.02 -- Conventional Heating
HL 320.04 -- Evacuated Tube Collector
HL 320.05 -- Central Storage Module with Controller
HL 320.07 -- Underfloor Heating / Geothermal Energy Absorber
HL 320.08 -- Fan Heater / Air Heat Exchanger
Specification [1] trainer for the HL 320 modular system for the investigation of functional and operational behaviour of a flat collector
[2] solar thermal flat collector with selectively absorbing coating
[3] adjustable collector tilt angle
[4] solar circulation station with pump, expansion tank and safety valve
[5] measurement instruments and controls by HL320.05
[6] operation with solar radiation or HL 313.01 Artificial Light Source
Technical Data Collector
 - absorbing surface: 2.5m²
 - rated throughput: 40...150L/h 
 - operating pressure: 1...3bar
 - safety valve: 4bar
Solar circuit station
- solar pump: 3-stage
- safety valve: 4bar
- manometer: 0...6bar
- balancing valve: 1...13L/min
Dimensions and Weight  LxWxH: 1660x800x2300mm
Weight: approx. 220kg Required for Operation  230V, 50Hz, 1 phase Scope of Delivery 1 trainer
1 set of instructional materials
Order Details 065.32003  HL 320.03  Flat Plate Collector