Artificial Light Source HL 313.01

Artificial Light Source

Type: HL 313.01
Name: Artificial Light Source
HL 313.01 - A product from the GUNT 2E range
Technical Description

  The artificial lightsource HL 313.01 provides illumination for indoor operation of solar training units such as ET 250 or HL 313. This light source enables experiments under stable and reproduceable irradiation conditions. It comprises 8 halogen lamps mounted in two vertical rows.

  The tilt angle of each lamp can be adjusted to provide homognous ilumination. The intensity can can be altered by changing the distance to the respective light absorber under test.


* Light Source comprising halogen lamps Specification

[1] artificial light source, comprising 2 vertical rows of 4 halogen lamps

[2] operable via main switch

[3] halogen lamps with adjustable tilt angle 


Technical Data

Power: 8x 1000W


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 1340x810x2100mm

Weight: approx. 118kg

Required for Operation 400V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases or 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases Scope of Delivery 1 trainer Order Details 065.31301  HL 313.01  Artificial Light Source