Countersinking Kit FT 903

Countersinking Kit

Type: FT 903
Name: Countersinking Kit
Technical Description

  The kit is used primarily for viewing and information purposes. No provision is made for conducting exercises or experiments.
  It includes 12 different countersinks including special types, e.g. a backward countersink tool. It also includes interchangeable guiding pins and a machining specimen with initial countersinking. The largest tool diameter is 16,75mm.
  The kit is clearly laid out on a plastic tray. The well-structured instructional material enhances the informational value of the collection.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with the key countersinking tools used in engineering
  and their specific application
- applications of different countersink angles


* Comprehensive instructional kit of the
  countersinking tools used in engineering
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[1] countersinking tools demonstration collection
[2] content: 12 different countersink tools, 3 interchangeable guiding pins, 1 holder for a backward countersink tool and a specimen with initial countersinking
[3] all parts clearly laid out on a plastic tray
[4] multiple trays stackable


Technical Data

1 core drill: D=16,75mm
5 conical countersink tools (M8/90°, C20/60°, A20/60°, C15/90°, C16,5/90°)
4 flat countersink tools (3xM8, D=15mm)
1 counterbore: D=15mm
1 backward countersink tool: D=15mm


Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 500x350x110mm (tray)
Weight: approx. 6kg Scope of Delivery 1 complete kit, laid out on a tray
1 set of instructional material Order Details 054.90300  FT 903  Countersinking Kit