Strain Gauge Application Set  FL 101

Strain Gauge Application Set 

Type: FL 101
Name: Strain Gauge Application Set 
Technical Description

  Measurement using strain gauges is the most important method of measuring mechanical strain. In this measurement method mechanical quantities are measured electrically.

  Strain gauge measurement is a relatively simple technique in practice, as it offers a high resolution and can be employed directly at the point of interest. A strain gauge is not a complete measuring instrument however. It is only rendered usable by the user, after being installed. The quality of measurement depends not only on the strain gauge itself, but also essentially on the application method and how it is executed. Strain gauges are highly reliable provided users have the skills and theoretical knowledge enabling them to use such highly sensitive sensor elements correctly.

  The application set FL 101 provides all the necessary tools and aids to learn the fundamentals of strain gauges installation.

  For the measurements to work without error, components are first subjected to thorough preparation before the strain gauges are attached. Special adhesives ensure total transfer of component deformations to the strain gauge. The strain gauge is also protected by suitable coverings against external influences, such as damp and mechanical damage, by suitable coverings. The supplied package includes wiring to connect the strain gauges in bridge configurations. The wires are attached to the strain gauges using a supplied soldering bit and soldering terminals.

  The instructional material (text book, exercise script and video) provides a multimedia introduction to the installation and configuration of strain gauges and on interpretation of measured values.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- fundamentals of electrical resistance strain

- preparation of the measuring point
- selection of a suitable strain gauge
- attaching, wiring up and configuring strain gauges
  on mechanically stressed components
- protection of the strain gauge measuring point
  against external influences
- interpretation of measured values (theoretical)


* Complete equipment for application of strain

* Wiring and connecting up strain gauges1
* Supporting the development of strain gauge
   measurement techniques1
* Comprehensive, modern structured instructional

Available accessories
FL 151 -- Multi-Channel Measuring Amplifier
WP 300.09 -- Laboratory Trolley
Alternative products
FL 100 -- Strain Gauge Training System
FL 102 -- Determining the Gauge Factor of Strain Gauges

[1] complete set of components for application of strain gauges
[2] strain gauges with single measuring grids, parallel measuring grids and measuring grids at 90° / 45° angles
[3] strain gauges for steel or aluminium components
[4] all necessary tools, adhesives and other aids included in the set
[5] lockable carrying case
[6] learning package with text book, exercise script and video

[7] cable and connectors to connect the applied strain gauges to the optional available  measuring amplifier FL 151


Technical Data Strain gauge: 350 Ohm
- 10 strain gauges, single measuring grids, for steel
- 10 strain gauges, parallel measuring grids, for steel
- 10 strain gauges, 90° measuring grids, for steel
- 10 strain gauges, 45° measuring grids, for steel
- 10 strain gauges, single measuring grids, for
Soldering bit: 16W
Ribbon cable: 6x0,14mm²
Magnifying glass: 6-times magnification
  Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 470x360x170mm (case)
Weight: approx. 8kg Required for Operation 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz/CSA, 1 phase Scope of Delivery

1 strain gauge application set complete, in carrying

   case, with:
  1 set of strain gauges
  solvent, cleaning agent, special strain gauge

  adhesive, adhesive strips, coverings
  1 set of pincers
  2 scissors
  1 set of application tools
  1 set of cutting tools
  1 soldering bit, soldering terminals
  measuring tools, magnifying glass
  ribbon cable
  abrasive cloth, pencil, rubber eraser
1 strain gauge learning package (text book, exercise

   script, video) in German or English

For connection to FL 151:

  8 6-pole connectors

  5m cable

Order Details 021.10100  FL 101  Strain Gauge Application Set