Maintenance Set ET 910.13

Maintenance Set

Type: ET 910.13
Name: Maintenance Set

ET 910.13 is used to fill and evacuate refrigeration systems as well as performing maintenance tasks and troubleshooting. The maintenance set includes a filling station, a set of tools, a digital multimeter, and a leak detector. The components used are common in refrigeration and therefore closely related to practice.

The filling station uses a vacuum pump for draining and evacuating refrigerant. Then, the system can be filled with the correct amount of refrigerant. The equipment is designed for the CFC-free refrigerant R134a.

Technical details
  • unit for maintenance tasks and troubleshooting in refrigeration systems
  • filling station for filling and evacuating refrigerant
  • vacuum pump and filling balance
  • manometer for intake pressure, high pressure and cylinder pressure; vacuum meter
  • manometer for intake pressure and high pressure with temperature scale for refrigerant R134a
  • digital multimeter
  • leakt detector, battery-operated
  • Technical data

    Filling cylinder: 1000g R134a

    Measuring ranges
    • pressure: 1x -1…10bar, 1x -1…30bar
    • vacuum: 0…1000mbar
    • cylinder: -1…25bar
    • temperature: 1x -60…40°C, 1x -60…85°C

    230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
    230V, 60Hz, 1 phase
    120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

    Dimensions and weight

    LxWxH: 510x175x485mm (Füllstation)
    Weight: approx. 15kg (Füllstation)