Software Ac-machines / Dc-machines 2737.4EVXX

Software Ac-machines / Dc-machines

Type: 2737.4EVXX
Name: Software Ac-machines / Dc-machines
2737.4EVXX Software AC-Machines / DC-Machines Series 2700 Plotting Characteristics of Electrical Machines
  • Training system for plotting characteristics of electric machines, manual and with PC
  • Newly developed quick-action clamping device for experimental machines of shaft height of 63 mm, 71 mm and 80 mm
  • Already existing machines, as well as usual commercial machines with one shaft end can be usedBraking and driving of the experimental machines is done by a three-phase induction machine
  • Universal Power Meter with seven-segment display and RS 232 interfaceThe Universal Power Supply provides all voltages which arenecessary for the experiments: fixed and adjustable DC, AC, three-phase AC – The Universal Resistor as starter resistor, load resistor and field rheostat