It-system 2355


Type: 2355
Name: It-system
2300 Protective Engineering / Installation Technology 2355 IT-system
    The board is used for the experiments and demonstration of the IT-network system. That network system is often used in hospital and for medical devices.

    • Monitoring of the Insulation Resistance with a Earth-Leakage Monitor
    • Faulty current device (RCD), Circuit breaker
    • Socket, switch and lamp
    • Potentiometer for experiments with the faulty current device (RCD)
    • Local potential equalisation connectable

    Technical data:

    • Mains Connection:3-phase 230 V / 400 V; 50 ... 60 Hz, (via Isolating Transformer)
    • Output voltage: 3 x 230 V (phase to neutral),
    • Earth-Leakage Monitor: iso monitor industrial type for one- and three-phase use with test und reset button
    • Two faulty current devices (RCD): Type A with a rated residual current of 10 mA, high sensitivity (HS)
    • Two circuit breakers: B1 (A)
    • Potentiometer: two for RCD with a rated residual current of 10 mA
    • Dimensions: 266 x 297 x 100 mm (w x h x d)
    • Weight:  approx. 2.5 kg